domingo, 22 de dezembro de 2013

Vila Viçosa - Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Lapa (e Cruzeiro) / Church of Our Lady of Lapa (and Cross)

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  1. I visited Vila Vicosa recently and am going to post on the Ducal Palace where I found snake heads on the pillars in the Cloister. I wondered if there were similar images in Vila Vicosa and so found your blogsite. Please could I use your photographs of the serpent cross outside the Church of Nossa Senhora da Lapa in my post? I will of course credit you fully and link to your blogsite. There are hardly any images on the internet and none that are very good - it is obviously not well known.

  2. Yes, of course! And if you need any additional information, please don't hesitate do contact me. I'd be glad if you could send me the link of your blogsite so I can keep up with this interesting subject! Best regards, Gabriel